10 Delicious Vegan Summer Recipes

Looking for some delicious vegan Summer recipes? You’ve found it!

I love summer foods! I like the vibrant fruit and vegetables that are in season, eating mangoes, berries, and peaches!

I love being able to start my days with delicious cold smoothies in summer and eat yummy vegan salads for lunch and dinner! I find summer ingredients so inspiring to create delicious recipes.

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10 delicious vegan summer recipes

10 Delicious Vegan Summer Recipes

In this blog post, I am sharing with you some of my favorite vegan summer recipes.

1. Kale Salad with Peanut Sauce

I am a kale fan and I love a good kale salad. The best thing about summer is eating salads all the time!

I always feel a bit healthier in summer from eating so many salads and fruits!


2. Vegan Mango Muffins

One of my favorite summer fruits are mangoes. I also like baking with mangoes and last summer I made these healthy vegan mango muffins which I know you will love!

vegan mango muffins

3. Roasted Tomatoes with almond basil crust

This dish is so summery and delicious. When tomatoes are in season this is a great side dish to make along with a vegan BBQ. I got inspired by French Provence tomatoes. This vegan side dish is on repeat at my house in summer!

vegan crusted tomatoes provence

4. Mango Galette

This is an old post and recipe and I need to take a new photo for this but I love this vegan mango galette recipe so I am sharing it with you again!

vegan mango galette

5. Vegan Berry Nut-free Crumble

When the berry season is at its peak at the end of summer and you have too many I recommend making my vegan berry nut-free crumble. Delicious with summer berries!

vegan berry nut-free crumble

6. Raw Vegan Passionfruit and Mango Cheesecakes

This recipe is so delicious. You can find it on my ig post.

raw vegan mango passionfruit cheesecakes

7. Vegan Avocado Coconut Cucumber Gazpacho Soup

A healthy vegan coconut gazpacho to have before a meal in summer or as a light lunch. Nothing more refreshing!

vegan gazpacho soup

8. Strawberry Galette

I love a good galette and Summer is the best for making stone-fruit galettes or berry galettes like this strawberry galette.

vegan strawberry galette

9. Raw Vegan Nectarine Tarts

This is such a good vegan summer recipe combining raw vegan (means no oven needed!) and in-season nectarines! This recipe is a keeper! You can find it on my Instagram.

raw vegan nectarine tarts

10. Raw Vegan Caramel Chocolate Tart

Making raw desserts in summer is the best as you don’t need to use the oven and heat up your house! Eating raw desserts is also cooling and I think this raw vegan caramel chocolate tart goes really well with summer raspberries!

raw vegan chocolate caramel tart

I hope you enjoyed these 10 summer vegan recipes! I would love to see them if you make them this summer! Tag me on Instagram @healthyfrenchwife