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vegan crepes recipe

These easy Vegan French Crepes are my delicious vegan and gluten-free version of the yummy crepes I grew up eating in France. Perfect as a breakfast and to share with loved ones.

Whether you want to change up from pancakes and make crepes for breakfast or you are looking to make crepes for Bastille Day this recipe won’t disappoint! Last year I celebrated with these homemade vegan French Crepes with Orange zest.

I loved sharing these French vegan crepes with my family and now sharing the recipe with you!

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vegan French crepes

These vegan French crepes are so delicious and they truly reminded me of my childhood eating crepes in the street. They smell absolutely delicious and were easy enough to flip despite not having any eggs.

For me, crepes have to be super thin to be called crepes so it is a matter of making the batter very liquid and pouring it/spreading it very quickly in a hot pan. I hope you will enjoy my French vegan crepes.

The orange zest gives them a delicious taste too and was the secret ingredient in my Grandmother and great-aunt crepes. I grew up eating delicious food! My great aunt was known for making the thinnest crepes and would roll them and bring a huge platter of them. They might have been 40 crepes all rolled up. It must have taken her ages. I hope she approves of my vegan crepes!

The maple syrup in my recipe is needed to give them a nice colour and for sweetness.

These vegan French crepes are:

  • vegan
  • low-sugar
  • dairy-free
  • simple to make
  • taste like my childhood in France

Please note I used buckwheat flour in this vegan French crepes recipe (rather than other flours that are not gluten-free). Buckwheat flour is gluten-free, and great for crepes.

Easy Vegan French Crepes substitutions:

You can also substitute the coconut oil for olive oil. That’s what I would prefer using now health-wise. And the soy milk can be replaced for coconut milk or oat milk. Almond milk is a little bit more watery and might not work as well.

Vegan French Crepes recipe easy and simple

How to make my vegan French crepes:

french vegan crepe recipe

French Vegan Crepes Recipe

Servings 8 crepes


  • 1 1/2 cup soy milk
  • 1 cup buckwheat flour
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup
  • 2 tbsp melted coconut oil or vegetable oil
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp orange zest
  • 1 tbsp cold water (if needed)


  • In a bowl mix the ingredients together with a whisk to remove all the lumps.
  • Add more cold water if needed (it needs to be thin but not too much.)
  • Spray a hot flat pan with coconut oil or neutral oil and pour a ladder of the batter on your pan away from the heat – quickly moving the batter around the hot pan to spread it thinly. (Being fast and not pouring too much batter is the key in making proper thin French crepes)
  • Leave to cook on medium heat for about 1 min per side then flip with a spatula and cook the other side.
  • Keep the cooked crepe on the side and cook the remaining crepes the same way.
  • Top with your favourite toppings: orange zest and maple syrup or jam or vegan notella!
how to make vegan French crepes

So there we have it my easy Vegan French crepe recipe!– I know you’re going to love these crepes!

And, if you do make this recipe please let me know in the comments below what you think! I truly love hearing from you, and I’m always here to answer any questions you might have. And of course, tag me on Instagram with your pictures using the hashtag #healthyfrenchwife. Nothing makes me happier than to see your recreations.

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