Plant-based lunch ideas

plant-based lunch ideas

Today I am sharing my top plant-based lunch ideas or vegan lunch ideas.

I often get asked ideas on what to eat for lunch especially for vegan/plant-based meals. I am pretty lucky that I am home most days to eat lunch at homes but I also try to not cook much for lunch as I find I have enough dishes making other recipes. Lunch is often leftovers or a salad or what I make for the kids I serve myself the same bowl. We actually have lunch quite early -especially for a French person! We eat lunch at 11am everyday so that Annabelle can go for her nap quickly. We eat our lunch as a family (minus my husband) if the kids are home.

plant-based lunch ideas

I always try to eat easy to make lunches that are nutritious and balanced including a source of protein/ carbs and fat as well as a few serves of veggies. I vary between cold and warm lunches and I am guilty of never being able to eat the same thing every day. Some people can meal prep and eat the same lunch for 5 days but I am not like that! We also sometimes have leftovers for lunch which is very practical as a busy mum! I rarely would have a smoothie for lunch. More so if I didn’t have breakfast.

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  • Hummus wholemeal or sourdough sandwich with a range of vegetables inside
  • Avocado on sourdough with sauerkraut, hemp seeds and tomato salad.
  • Pita sandwiches with falafels and tabouli
  • Chickpea omelette with baby spinach, mushrooms and salad
  • Pasta salad or chickpea pasta with nutritional yeast
  • Brown rice or sweet potato salad with roasted vegetables
  • Scrambled tofu with veggies on toast
  • Chickpea tuna salad sandwich
  • Budha bowls
  • Homemade sushi rolls with avocado or chickpea tuna or satay tofu.
  • Rice paper rolls
  • Lentil, canned beans or tofu kale salads with all the toppings!

What do you have for a plant based lunch?

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