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Rise and shine, breakfast lovers! If you’re looking to kickstart your morning with something new and exciting, you’re in for a treat. Your search for GF vegan breakfast ideas ends here!

I am getting more creative in the kitchen to make some yummy healthy breakfasts so I thought I would share with you these delicious breakfast ideas that are gluten-free and vegan.

Whether you’re gluten-free, vegan, or simply eager to try something different, these breakfasts are packed with flavor and nutrition. Say goodbye to boring mornings and hello to a vibrant start to your day!

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7 Amazing Gluten-Free Vegan Breakfast Ideas

My top 10 healthy GF vegan breakfast ideas

Welcome to my Gluten-Free Vegan Breakfast Ideas roundup, where I’ve curated a collection of delicious, healthy, and energizing recipes to make your mornings brighter.

1. Easy Vegan French Crepes

2. Gluten Free Buckwheat Bread

This homemade buckwheat bread and smashed avocado or peanut butter /almond butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Or, add cooked mushrooms and spinach for a cooked breakfast.

3. Vegan Gluten-Free Pancakes

Imagine pancakes made with quinoa flour or buckwheat flour with warm blueberries and maple syrup. Hello Sunday morning!

4. Vegan Gluten-Free Banana Buckwheat Cake

5. Vegan Gluten Free Lemon Blueberry Bread With Poppyseeds

How amazing is this Gluten Free Lemon Blueberry Bread?

6. Vegan Gluten-Free Baked Raspberry & Vanilla Donuts

If you have sweet tooth like me, then you will love these gluten-free donuts with your breakfast!

7. Raspberry Buckwheat Chocolate Chip Loaf

I simply can not get enough of this gluten-free raspberry buckwheat loaf recipe.

8. Mexican Vegan Chilaquiles

Fancy something a little different for breakfast? Chilaquiles are a traditional Mexican breakfast meal, that you might not be familiar with. And my gluten-free vegan chilaquiles are nutritious and delicious!

Other Quick Gluten-Free Breakfast Ideas:


  • Slices of avocado and tomato on gluten-free toast
  • Chia puddings with coconut milk and berries.
  • GF granola with nuts, seeds, coconut and dried fruits and a dollop of coconut yogurt. yummy!
  • Black bean tacos for a fancy weekend brunch at home.
  • Buckwheat porridge using raw buckwheat groats soaked and cooked in nut milk.
  • Quinoa porridge made with quinoa flakes and added stewed apples and cinnamon.
  • Smoothies: cacao and hemp seeds; banana, tahini and cinnamon; berries & almond butter- these are some of my favorite combo.
  • Coconut yogurt bowls for quick and easy weekday breakfasts with berries, sliced up bananas, linseed, hemp seeds, pepitas and nuts of choice.

Healthy GF Vegan Breakfast Ideas – Conclusion

From fluffy pancakes to sweet treats, these recipes prove that breakfast can be both healthy and incredibly delicious. So go ahead, mix it up, and start your day with a burst of flavor and goodness.

Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and with these fun and creative recipes, you’ll be looking forward to waking up every morning.

I hope this list of fantastic gluten-free vegan breakfast ideas help you transform your mornings! You can find more meal inspo on my Instagram @healthyfrenchwife.

Share these ideas with your friends and family, and spread the love for healthy, delicious breakfasts. Here’s to brighter mornings and happier days! Enjoy!

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