A Day In The Plate Of My Plant-based Kids


What do my plant-based kids eat? 🍃 This is a question that comes up time and time again so I thought I would share a typical “A Day In The Plate” for my three plant- based toddlers ☺️ . I can’t believe I now have 3 toddlers!

So a typical day of eating for my kids goes like this:
– Starts with porridge made with oats, soy milk, hemp seeds, linseeds, frozen berries and sometimes a glass of Orange Juice to help with iron absorption.
– A lunch salad plate with legumes (lentils here), raw and cooked vegetables, a grain/ carb and some seeds.

– Afternoon snack is often a glass of soy milk, fruit, bliss balls or crackers with hummus or peanut butter.
– Dinner is similar to ours with a few tweaks so that time it was guacamole mushroom tacos.

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Now of course we don’t eat everyday the same thing but I hope this “day-in-the-plate” for my plant-based children and toddlers can help you! I might do this type of blogpost every few months! My goal is to always help other families, women and mothers eat more plant-based meals by sharing my simple recipes and through my nutrition coaching!

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