7 Awesome Vegan Kid-Friendly Meals

vegan kid meals

These kid-approved vegan meals are awesome!

As a mom of 3 eating a predominantly vegan diet I want to share with you 7 vegan kid meals all approved by my 3 children (aged 6, 6 and 3) and myself as a mum and nutritionist.

In this blogpost I will be sharing 7 of my top vegan kid meals. 

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These recipes for vegan kid meals can be enjoyed by the whole family. It is my motto in feeding my own children.

We all eat the same plant-based meal together as a family.

Whether you are looking for new recipe ideas for your vegan kids, ideas for making a more plant-based family meal that your children will eat keep reading below for my vegan kid meals ideas!

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10 Awesome Vegan Kid-Friendly Meals

 1.Green Mac & Cheese

vegan kid meals pasta recipe

2. Red Lentil Bolognese

This red lentil bolognese recipe 100% needs to be on your family meal plan! It is a favourite vegan kid meal in our home.

vegan red lentil bolognese

3. Cashew Mac & Cheese

Another pasta dish well liked in my home is this vegan cashew mac& cheese. I also make a pumpkin/potato or carrot/potato plant-based mac and cheese dish loved by my 3 kids.

vegan mac and cheese cashews

4. Sushi

Sushi is also a great vegan kid meal. We either make our own or buy them. Avocado, cucumber, tofu and Teriyaki jackfruit are our favourite fillings for sushi.

vegan kid meal: sushi

5. Choc Chip Banana pancakes

These yummy vegan choc chip banana pancakes make a regular appearance in our weekly menu for breakfast.

I sometimes even include them in their lunchboxes or for a fun dinner. For example, I grew up having pancakes or crepes for dinner once a year and it was the most fun as a child.

6. Noodle Soup

My daughter Eloise loves this noodle soup in winter. Feel free to swap the cauliflower for a vegetable your child likes or cut it into tiny pieces.

vegan cauliflower noodle soup as a vegan kid meal

7. Smoothies

Smoothies are also a great breakfast option or snack for vegan kids. Check out my 3 easy smoothie recipes.

Now as a busy mum of 3 I know dinner time can be a struggle. Once you have a few meals your whole family enjoys stick to them. Make a note on your phone of your family go-to meals and pick 2-3 each week that are similar.

Having a balance of loved, familiar meals and new recipes is important. Additionally this also helps removing headaches wondering what to cook for dinner.

On our personal family go-to meals you will find these vegan kid meals in rotation every month:

  • tofu stir fry with soba noodles;
  • lentil dhal;
  • different pastas;
  • homemade pizzas;
  • vegan nachos and tacos;
  • soups;
  • quesadillas;
  • avocado sandwiches;

I hope you will find this post useful to get new ideas for vegan kid meals for the whole family!

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