Aquafaba Dark Chocolate Mousse

Sorry for the delay in getting this recipe published. I have been busy with sick kids at home, a sick husband (man flu!) while also packing for our holiday to Reunion Island next week (where my parents live) and also finishing a Nutrition assignment that is due early next week. I have also been busy creating more recipes to share while we are on holidays!
Have you tried aquafaba mousse before? do you know what aquafaba is? if not read on!
Aquafaba is the water drained from a chickpea can- it has similar properties to egg whites and as such is able to turn into mousse, meringue or whipped cream. It really is simple to make if you have an electric beater. I recommend you give it a go next time you use a can of chickpeas!
ps: my love of all things chickpeas is going strong. I don’t know what the little guys can’t do! hummus, falafels, fritattas using flour and now chocolate mousse! I want to try whipped cream next time with whipped aquafaba!
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Aquafaba dark chocolate mousse with Wild Orange
Serves 3-4.
– aquafaba (chickpea water) from 1 can of chickpeas
– 2 1/1 tbsp of stevia powder
– 1/2 block of good quality dairy-free dark chocolate
– 1-2 drops of wild orange essential oil or zest of orange.
-1 tsp of vanilla essence
1. Drain the chickpeas and collect the aquafaba in a bowl.
2. Melt your dark chocolate over a water or in the microwave and leave to cool while you beat the aquafaba.
3. Add the stevia powder to your aquafaba and start beating with an electric mixer until it forms peaks just like egg whites.
4. Mix the vanilla and wild orange/ orange zest to your melted chocolate and pour it in your aquafaba mousse. Fold it gently to incorporate the chocolate to the aquafaba mousse with a spatula.
5. Pour into 3-4 ramekins and leave to set in the fridge for one hour.

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